Minutes AGM 2015

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Historic Racing Saloons Register

held in The Brooklands Suite, Silverstone Circuit

Saturday, 17th October, 2015 at 3-45 p.m.

1. Peter Hore welcomed the members, drivers and guests to the AGM and made his review of the season. 2.  In the absence of Cedric Osborne, Dan Cox reviewed scrutineering and technical matters which arose during the 2015 season. Dan reported very few issues with the HRSR cars and only the occasional paperwork issue with Appendix K cars. Cedric’s scrutineering efforts will continue in 2016. Dan also spoke generally about driving standards and the clear need to stay vigilant on this matter. Dan requested that should an incident occur those involved should seek out the other party/parties and calmly discuss/reconcile the issue before leaving the circuit. The club has two new ‘GoPro’ type cameras and these will be administered by Adrian Oliver. Those involved in incidents will be asked to carry cameras at their next race. There was an indication that the committee will be reviewing weights for 2016, considering the ‘Anglia’ situation and the general performance increase of Appendix K cars with a view to matching performance. 3.  The financial review was presented by Peter Wray. The 2014 accounts show a small surplus but the forecast for the current year will probably result in a deficit of more than £500. However, thanks to the ‘ByBox’ sponsorship over the past several years, the club has a cumulative surplus of around £12,000. 4.  Peter Hore presented the provisional 2016 race calendar. There will not be a meeting at Thruxton next Easter and the season will commence in late April at Castle Combe. It is unlikely that there will be a race at Donington and the rest of the calendar is pretty much as this year. There will be at least four double header races with the possibility of five or even six. 5.  Roger Cope has resigned from the committee and he was thanked for his contribution over the past few years, particularly in regards to his Appendix K endeavours. Peter Hore, Peter Wray, Dan Cox and Adrian Oliver were all re-elected to the committee. It was proposed that Steve Platts join the committee which was approved unanimously by those present. 6.  Members’ Proposals.  
  • Peter Hore, on behalf of the committee, proposed that consideration be given to allow Ford Anglias running in class C be allowed to run pre-crossflow engines up to 1600cc (previously restricted to 1500cc) so that there be more parity with Lotus Cortinas in the same class. There was a lively discussion and the proposal was welcomed by Brian Webb and Andy Law, both Anglia drivers. However, the views of Neil Wood, Robyn Slater and Bob Bullen, all Anglia drivers and who were unable to attend the meeting, were expressed on their behalf by Peter Wray and all three were against the proposal on the grounds that the expense of increasing capacity was too great and that weight reduction was a better alternative. The vote was 6 for the motion and 6 against. The committee will discuss further and report back as soon as possible.
  • Bob Bullen asked that representation be made to HP Tyres/Dunlop to improve the supply and quality of the historic race tyres we use and to better support the HSCC race meetings. An alternative is to consider the use of the equivalent Avon historic race tyres. Peter Hore responded that the matter has been taken up with Dunlop, through HP Tyres, and that they are committed to improving the supply situation following the transfer of all historic race tyre production from the UK to Portugal. HP Tyres will attend six of the nine scheduled race meetings in 2016 though this was felt to be unsatisfactory to some of the members. Peter Hore will raise the matter again with the HSCC and HP Tyres. The use of Avon historic race tyres was not seen as a practical solution particularly as Appendix K cars are mandated to use Dunlops.
  • Brian Webb proposed the use of ‘success ballast’ to equalise performance and competitiveness. There was not much support for the proposal and it was defeated.
  • Joe Gomm proposed that the BMW 1800Ti model run in class B be allowed to use a later model BMW gearbox owing to the scarcity of replacement parts for the model’s homologated gearbox. It was agreed that it be left to the committee to monitor the appropriateness of the proposed alternative gearbox which will be the Type E21 from 1970s models BMW 316/318.
  • Peter Hore, on behalf of the committee reported on the request from a potential member to modify a Mk 2 or Mk 3 type Mini Cooper ‘S’ bodyshell to the specification of a Mk 1 Mini. This has already been agreed by the committee on a one-off basis for Richard Casey, who has a list of things he must do and a list of areas where we are not insisting on change. Effectively, his car will set the standard should others wish to go down this route. The meeting discussed any effect on performance (agreed there was none) and further debated the general view on the modifications. In essence, the other Mini drivers present held the view that it’s a lot of work either finding a Mk 1 shell and restoring, perhaps including a replacement floorpan, on the one hand or starting with a better Mk2 or Mk 3 shell and making the required modifications. The committee will monitor Richard’s work and only sanction others when this has been approved.
7. There was no other business and the meeting closed, to be followed by the 2015 season prizegiving. It should be mentioned that the HRSR lost one of it’s stalwart competitors with the death of Dave Cabena in June, 2015. Dave had been a very successful rally navigator in the 1970s/1980s at international level in works rally teams before buying an Alfa Romeo Guilia Sprint GT in 2011 to race with the HRSR. He was in the process of putting a 2 litre engine in his car to become more competitive. His warm, friendly personality will be missed around the tea urn in HSCC race paddocks.

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