Silverstone GP (International Trophy) 17/18 May 2014

Silverstone GP (International Trophy) - 17/18 May 2014 Lovely, warm early summer weather welcomed the HRSR Historic Touring Cars to round 4 of the ByBox championship on the Silverstone GP circuit. I have to say that I am not a fan of this new layout, which panders to the wishes of the F1 hierarchy, and it is a shame that the old layout with Abbey and Bridge corners is no longer available. It appears that this may also be the view of others as a disappointingly small entry of 24 cars came out to play. It turned out to be a day of attrition as only 19 cars survived practice …….. and it was to get worse. Mike Gardiner was back on top form and he took pole in his class C Lotus Cortina just a fraction quicker than Neil Brown’s Mustang with Tim Davies’ Lotus Cortina half a second back in third. Colin Gunton was a fabulous fourth in his class E Imp ahead of Tom Andrew’s Lotus Cortina, Simon Benoy’s Imp and Roger Godfrey’s Mini. David Betts, Jon Wolfe, Bob Bullen, Andrew Law, Tim Brook , Dave Cabena and Richard Cross ( fresh from Lord March’s new March Members Meeting extravaganza at Goodwood) all made their first outing of the season but Andy Law’s day ended in the banking down at Stowe with some serious body damage to the Anglia though Andy himself was OK. Dan Wray’s Cortina (damaged engine), Ian Gunton’s Imp (oil pressure too high), David Betts’ Mustang and Roger Cope’s Jaguar (probable head gasket failure) were the other casualties from practice. The race had a rolling start ( news to quite a few, even in the assembly area, ‘though it had been noted in the Final Instructions) and Mike Gardiner made a tardy start completing the first lap in fourth behind Neil’s Mustang, Tim’s Lotus Cortina and the amazing Colin Gunton Imp (hope they post the video on YouTube), Tom Andrew, Simon Benoy and Roger Godfrey. Jon Wolfe, Adrian Oliver and Bob Bullen completed the top ten though Bob’s Anglia sounded ‘off’, as it had in practice – obviously more work required on the newly rebuilt engine. Mike Gardiner took third from Colin’s Imp on lap 2 and Adrian cheekily snuck past Jon Wolfe for eighth but Falcon V8 power told and order was restored on lap 3. Mike Gardiner’s race, however, only lasted another lap and the Cortina was retired, his lap times well down on his pole position time. The attrition had started the previous lap with the loss of Jonathan Townsend’s Cortina and Colin Gunton’s Imp and Tim Brook also retired his Mini on lap 3. Jim Gathercole’s Cortina retired after 4 laps and Simon Benoy’s Imp, following a power loss, after 5 laps. The race at the front was a typical ‘Neil and Tim show’ with Neil leading across theline for the first three laps with Tim taking over for a lap before Neil went in frontagain to the end finishing less than a second ahead. Tom Andrew brought his Cortina home in third ahead of Roger’s Mini, Jon’s Falcon and Adrian’s Imp. Not an inspiring spectacle, unfortunately, as thirteen cars on the 3.66 mile Grand Prix circuit tends to leave large gaps in the action and doesn’t reflect what HRSR is about.

Report by Peter Wray

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