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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Historic Racing Saloons Register held at Crossroads Hotel, Weedon on Sunday 1st December, 2014

The Chairman, Peter Hore, welcomed 28 members and their guests and Graeme White, representing the HSCC to the meeting. 1. Season’s Review Peter Hore reviewed the 2014 season thanking Mark Garritt for the ‘ByBox’ support which will be continuing into the 2015 season. Peter invited discussion on several points during his presentation including scrutineering emphasis, grid sizes and paddock camararderie. 2. Treasurer’s Report Peter Wray reviewed the club’s finances. The year ended 31st December, 2013 showed a deficit of £513 ( 2012: surplus of £29). The current year is likely to produce a deficit of around £300. He paid tribute to Christina Maskell, the club’s President, who died in September. Christina was the wife of Glen Maskell who was one of the club’s founders and Chairman until his death in 2003. Their sons, Andy and Steve, were also club members and competitors for many years. Her presence will be missed. 3. Technical and Scrutineering Matters Dan Cox presented Cedric Osborne’s report on technical matters. There were very few technical anomalies identified, other than with safety matters, with cars in the HRSR classes. Most technical problems with cars in the Appendix K classes related to the FIA papers for these cars not being updated when the cars changed hands. Other problems related to the use of electronic ignitions, air cleaners and anti roll bars. Full details are in the report attached. 4. 2015 Calendar / HSCC matters Graeme White announced the 2015 season race dates with the first race being the Thruxton Easter Festival meeting in early April. There are 10 meetings and up to 5 may be double header events. The series regulations will remain substantially as before with a change to the fitment of in-car cameras which will be allowed at all events but the stewards/clerk of the course must be given access to the recording if requested. 5. Committee matters. Peter Hore, Dan Cox, Adrian Oliver, Roger Cope and Peter Wray all offered themselves for re-election and were duly re-elected. 6. Members Proposals 6.1 By Peter Hore. That Appendix K cars be permitted to run electronic ignitions. It was proposed that only simple electronic ignitions be allowed and that ‘intelligent’ systems would not be allowed. The motion was passed with only one dissention. 6.2 By Robyn Slater. That the use of fibreglass wings be allowed for cars in the HRSR classes. This brought a lively discussion centered around the cost of replacement steel wings against the fear of driving standards being compromised if fibreglass replacements were cheaply available. The motion was defeated by 10 votes to 7. 7. Any other business. Steve Read raised the subject of promotion and suggested that the HRSR could be more proactive in promoting itself. He made the point that other similar race series to ours were far better promoted. It was agreed that Steve will make proposals to the committee to project a better image of the HRSR. The meeting closed and the members congregated in The Pines room for a buffet and the 2014 season prizegiving

 HRSR AGM – 2014 – Treasurer’s Report

We suffered a deficit of £513 for 2013 year. Our main costs as a club are this AGM/Prizegiving which costs around £1,000 and the cost of the trophies we hand out (around £800) and, in 2013, the cost of revamping the website (£800 in 2013).

Our income fell by a couple of hundred pounds compared to our best year of 2012 but we maintained the same level of income from ‘ByBox’, thanks to Mark Garritt’s involvement with the HRSR and we are hopeful this will continue in 2015.

At this point it looks as though we will, again, have a loss for the 2014 year of around £300, although we will still carry a healthy surplus of around £12,000.

To digress now from financial matters I’d just like to say a few words about the passing of our President, Christina Maskell, in September. Christina was the wife of Glen Maskell, one of our founding members and our chairman up until his death in 2003, and the mother of Andy and Steve Maskell who both raced with us around the turn of the millennium. Unknown to most of us, Christina had been ill with cancer last year but she and the family thought it had been beaten when she attended the AGM in early December. Unfortunately, that was not the case and she fell ill again in July. She was a lovely lady and had been a keen supporter of Glen’s involvement with the HRSR since it’s inception, attending just about every race up to Glen’s death and since then she generally came to all the HSCC meetings close to her home near Silverstone. The HRSR will not seem quite the same without a ‘Maskell’ presence.

Peter Wray – Treasurer.

HRSR Annual General Meeting - The Crossroads Weedon - 19 December 2013

Peter Hore welcomed the Honorary President, Christina Maskell, Alan and Mrs Jones from the HSCC and members and their guests and commented that this was certainly the best attended AGM in recent years. He complemented the HSCC on providing a superb racing calendar and reviewed the racing activities throughout the 2013 season which saw Tim Davies take the ‘ByBox’ Historic Touring Car Championship at the final round by a narrow margin from Neil Brown and Simon Benoy. Grid numbers fell from last year’s record average of 35 to 28 but racing has been keen throughout the order, popular with spectators and the motoring press and the paddock atmosphere around the HRSR hospitality tent has been tremendous. There were 10 different race winners from 5 classes across the 14 races and Warren Briggs was the only driver to score 3 wins. Peter thanked Marius Nel for his efforts on making the HRSR website something to be proud of and asked the members to help improve it further by providing Marius with their personal and car histories. Peter closed by thanking Mark Garritt for his support through ‘ByBox’ and announced that the support would continue through 2014.

Peter Wray reviewed the state of the HRSR finances and the 2012 year accounts. Membership numbers were down slightly on 2011 numbers with the resulting loss of membership income but, with increased support from ‘ByBox’ and reduced expenditure, the Register still managed to achieve a small surplus for the year compared with a deficit of almost £1,500 in 2011. 2013 looks as if it will produce a small deficit for the year. Peter went on to comment on the attendance at the meeting of Tony Castle-Miller and Phil Wight who were founder members of the HRSR back in 1984/5 along with Glen Maskell and Bob Sherring and they formed the first committee of the club.

 Technical and Scrutineering matters were covered by Cedric Osborne. He spent some time during the season with MSA Registrars and with Dallas Smith, the HSCC Chief Scrutineer, and found several discrepancies with Appendix K cars, particularly Lotus Cortinas, which were all rectified by the owners before the next meeting. He advised that the scrutineers will be looking closely at Roll Over Cages in 2014 and suggested members contact him for clarification. There have been some problems during the year with FIA Appendix K papers and HSCC/HRSR Vehicle Identity Forms being in the name of the car’s previous owner and he stressed the need to get the paperwork corrected and to ensure that the cars comply with their papers. There were some instances of owners buying cars which had been modified subsequent to papers being issued but prior to change of ownership.

The HSCC race calendar for 2014 was presented by Alan Jones. The major changes are that the Cadwell Park meeting has been moved from late April to late June and the Brands Indy meeting in September will be a two day affair. Double headers will be held at Snetterton, Cadwell Park and Croft and there may be scope for a longer race or double header at Oulton Park and Brands Indy. He also mentioned that there is a rule change from the MSA relating to fuel standard in 2014 and that they will be increasing the random sampling of fuel at race meetings. Allowable standard is a maximum of 100 RON. HSCC have applied for a waiver to allow the use of FIA spec fuel (102 RON) but the matter is still in abeyance.

 Les Ely has resigned from the committee and we offer our thanks to him for his work on sponsorship and the website over the years. Les has been a member of HRSR for many years and raced with the club from its early years in the late 1980s. We hope he will race with us again in his Jaguar Mk 1. Peter Hore, Peter Wray, Adrian Oliver, Dan Cox and Roger Cope offered themselves for re-election to the committee, which was passed unanimously.

Members’ Proposals.

By The Committee – That the HSCC be persuaded to have at least one 40/45 minute pitstop race and/or maximise the number of double header meetings. There were opinions both for and against the longer race format though most present would support double headers. Alan Jones will take the members opinions back to the HSCC.

By Peter Morgan – That the championship scoring system include one extra point for both fastest practice lap and fastest race lap in each class. There was not much support for the proposal and it was defeated.

 By Peter Morgan – That competition numbers reflect the drivers’ current standings in the championship. There was no support for this proposal and it was defeated.

 By Jon Orr – Thata new class be created or the current class E be subdivided to  include cars up to 1150cc producing a maximum of 100 bhp. The proposal was withdrawn before the meeting but still discussed. There was support for the sentiment behind the proposal as classes D and E are seen as an economic entry in to historic touring car racing but the concept was seen as being hard to police and most present felt the proposal unworkable.

Any other business.

Bob Bullen asked if it would be possible to run the series to different tyre regulations to reduce costs. Most agreed that costs should be reduced where possible but that the Dunlop CR65 tyre gave the cars a ‘period’ look and that suspension changes to cars to convert to road type tyres in MSA list 1B would be equally costly in the long term. Also there would be a problem with the Appendix K cars that would have to remain on the Dunlops.

The matter of Imp airscoops was raised. Following discussions after the AGM between the committee and the Imp drivers the matter was resolved and no airscoops can be used that affect the body profile or pass through holes in bulkheads.

The Chairman closed the meeting and the 2013 season awards presentations commenced followed by a buffet.

Report by Peter Wray

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