Snetterton 3 Hour – 2 June 2013

Snetterton Race Report

The weather gods smiled on us for Snetterton. With qualifying and two races all on the Sunday the sun was shining and only a few clouds in the sky. It was ideal racing weather. We had a reasonable field of 21 go out for qualification and Tim Davies definitely made the pace in his 2 litre Lotus Cortina He ends qualification with a great time of 2:21.657, almost 2 seconds up on Simon Miller’s Ford Mustang and in a very tight gaggle with Neil Brown, Jonathan Gomm. Another terrific performance from Simon Bernoy, and rounding out the top six John Pugsley just in front of his nemesis Robin Slater who is really going well.

Race one. Off the line the power of Simon Miller’s Mustang tells and he is first into Riches with Tim Davies, Neil Brown and Jonathan Gomm very close behind. On the first lap Tim Davies gets a bit too excited and spins off on the back of the circuit and Peter Ray’s car driven by Jonathan Townsend decides to cut itself out. All of this brings out the safety car for a couple of laps which at first glance seems like a bit of a pity but in fact brings about an absolutely cracking race.  At the restart Simon Miller again takes the lead very closely pursued by Jonathan Gomm and Neil Brown from a dicing pair of John Pugsley and Robin Slater. In the mix was Simon Bernoy in his Imp, as always, going very, very well. In fact Bernoy gets the better of Pugsley and Slater and was soon sniffing around the lead battle between Simon Miller, Jonathan Gomm and Neil Brown and the outside of Corum when he finds a slippery patch and is away on the grass. He spins several times but somehow manages to avoid the barrier which is fortunately a long way back from the corner and re-joins the race fairly well down the field.  By this point Tim Davies is starting to make up ground and it really becomes very tight at the front. Eventually the pressure tells on Simon Miller on the infield and he spins off, eventually to come back and finish 6th. We are left with Jonathan Gomm and Neil Brown disputing the lead but now with a recovering Tim Davies starting to reel them in. Towards the end of the race, in fact, Tim Davies makes it past Neil Brown just but he would probably have needed at least another lap or so to get the better of Jonathan Gomm.  So the finishing order was Jonathan Gomm, from Tim Davies, Neil Brown, who were all very close together, then after a terrific scrap John Pugsley and Robin Slater. Simon Miller recovered in his Mustang to finish 6th and Pete Morgan just gets the better of Roger Godfrey in the Cooper S battle. Simon Benoy eventually caught Steve Platt in his Singer Chamois, who otherwise would have taken the class, and just pips him across the line by a second or so. Very reliably Mark Watts brings his Mustang home in 11th a little way ahead of David Morrow who bests John Avell’s Lotus Cortina who otherwise had a little bit of a lonely race. Half a minute or so behind this group Dave Cabena I his Alfa gets the better of David Owen’s Ford Anglia. A terrific performance by Pete Wright and his A40 considering the problems he suffered at Caldwell Park. Somewhat far behind but having great fun all the same a very welcome from the HSCC and HRSR to Richard Conway in his terrific Volvo P544 which I think is called an Amazon.

HTC Race 2.  So with the grid following the finishing order of race 1, we had Jonathan Gomm on Pole, Tim Davies with Neil Brown and John Pugsley on the second row. Away from the start however Jonathan Gomm really rather bogged down Tim Davies, but Neil Brown really got away as did John Pugsley and Robin Slater in their Anglias. Robin was rather late up to the grid as he found, just before he went out for the second race, that his alternator bracket had broken. However, a bit of rush work from Simon Benoy, Neil Wood and Brian Webb got him out to the grid just on time. Another good start from Simon Bernoy as well. Simon Miller didn’t have a great start and fell back in his Ford Mustang but he would make back places during the race. In fact Tim Davies led the race from start to finish but it really was very close for the first three places. Jonathan eventually managed to find his way past Neil Brown only to throw it all away on the infield and have a mountain of a job to get get back into the race. However he eventually did catch up with Neil and passed him on the last lap finishing very close up behind Tim Davies. So, the first three were Tim Davies, followed by the winner of the first race, Jonathan Gomm with Neil Brown in third place. It was an absolutely cracking race, no contact and very hard fought. When they came in to take their prizes they were very much all smiles. The whole race John Pugsely had the attentions of Simon Bernoy who would catch him a little bit on the infield and lose out a little bit down the straight. In the end John did manage to hold Simon off by about a second at the line. A terrific dice between these two.  Simon Miller, having fallen back at the start, gradually made up places during the race to come in 6th. Peter Morgan in the Cooper S came in 7th and then Steve Platt in his Singer Chamois. Steve was constantly being caught up by Mark Watts in his Mustang who himself had the attentions of David Morrow. Once he even got alongside him and just managed to get past only for his anti-roll bar mounting to break. He spun and lost the place again. In 11th came John Avill who was constantly hounded by Dean Trower driving Roger Godfrey’s Mini Cooper S for the first time and doing very well indeed coming in 12th. In 13th place came Dave Cabena who managed to hold off the attentions of David Owen’s Ford Anglia. 15th was claimed by Gideon September a fraction ahead of Pete Wright’s Austin A40. Bringing up the back of the field but having great fun was Richard Conway in his Volvo P544 Amazon. After the final race Jennifer served delicious tea and cake at the HRSR tent.

This was a particularly lovely racing day as the weather treated us well, the track was immaculate, there were no incidents and just generally speaking everybody had a great time.

We were there!

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